Welcome to Seismic Island Labs!

Seismic Island Labs is a mutlitmedia studio focused on sound design. Here are a few recent projects.



Drew Cady was the studio audio director for Arena Net.

He reached several milestones in his career during his over 10 years.

Shipped GW2 initial release, continued living world episodes, Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire expansions.

Created a 1 terabyte sound design Foley library.

Created a procedural automated sound design processing pipeline.

Interacted with the public at PAX, live Twitch Guild Chat stream, YouTube videos and Facebook posts.

Here is one of the Sennheiser videos.


Across the Line is a Virtual Reality short film produced by Custom Reality Services and Emblematic.

We are proud to have been sound designers of this project, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2016.



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